Body sculpting Perth before and after

When it comes to body contouring or body sculpting, no one can speak more about TruSculpt’s amazing results than our own Dr J, because he did it himself! Below, he speaks more about his course of treatments, and why he recommends it to not just his patients but to anyone who may be considering body contouring.

What was your course of body sculpting treatments?

I did a combination of 1 truSculpt iD treatment, which is the fat burning treatment. Then I followed with 6 truSculpt flex treatments, which is intense muscle toning. I started with the iD, then over the next 3 weeks, I did 2 sessions of truSculpt flex each week. It’s a course of treatments that we recommend to our clients who really want to get the maximum results in a short amount of time. It combines both the fat burning and then the toning of the muscles. It took about 7 weeks for me to see the results you see in the picture. We normally suggest maximum results at about 12 weeks.

Why did you do it?

Normally I train at the gym very hard, but lately, as I’ve been getting older I grew a pot belly and I really couldn’t do anything about it. It was stubborn fat, and as we get older it’s just harder and harder to lose. I also wanted to prove to myself and others that the devices do what they say they do.

Did it hurt?

The iD doesn’t hurt, no. But flex on the other hand, it’s intense and uncomfortable, but I had the intensity turned all the way up to 60%. What you should know is that the treatments are a 1-on-1, 45-minute personalized coaching session, and we dial up the intensity for the patient’s preference and tolerance for intense muscle stimulation. But the intensity of these sessions shouldn’t scare anyone away, We adjust and deliver the treatment in a personalised session according to each individual’s tolerances. It was worth every ounce of uncomfortableness. The muscles are getting a very, very intense series of workouts.

What would you say to anyone who was thinking about it?

It works, do it. The results are off the charts. Believe me when I say it is worth every penny. You will be very pleased with the results.

Will you continue with the treatments?

Not at the moment, I don’t need to. I am very happy with my results, and I am going to use them as a springboard for getting back into the gym.

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TruSculpt id & TruSculpt flex are the latest, revolutionary treatments for body contouring, also known as body sculpting Perth. They are two separate treatments, but they can be combined for a highly effective package to melt fat away permanently, improve muscle tone, and create a smooth, slim silhouette. It can be used for most parts of the body, but it is especially popular for the areas around the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs.

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Body sculpting machines – What is the difference between TruSculpt id and TruSculpt flex?

We are proud to be one of only a few clinics across the nation to offer this combination treatment, offering our patients the best in body sculpting devices and technology.
Blast away stubborn belly fat with TruSculpt Id.
TruSculpt iD applies heat to melt the stubborn fat pockets. It is also effective to tighten loose skin, and it is safe, quick, and painless. Our patients have seen improvements in fat removal, lose love handles, and smoothing of cellulite as well.
Build muscle fast and tone your body with TruSculpt flex.
TruSculpt flex uses electric current to stimulate and tone muscles, primarily in the abdomen. One 45-minute session is equal to doing 54,000 crunches! It has been proven to increase muscle mass in treated areas by up to 30%.

Are TruSculpt Body Contouring devices safe?

Yes, these devices and treatments are very safe, because they are non-invasive and there are no surgeries or incisions required. It is suitable for bodies of all sizes, for anyone who wants to tone and sculpt their bodies. We offer free consultations for anyone, and we can discuss any concerns you may have, and personalize your treatment plan.

Fat loss and cellulite treatment which is more effective – TruSculpt id or fat freezing?

We are happy to go into more detail about the differences between cryo (freezing) treatments, and TruSculpt iD, which uses heat. For skin laxity and a better experience overall, we recommend TruSculpt.

  • TruSculpt iD is painless with no side effects, where cryo has a considerable level of discomfort and bruising or swelling afterward.
  • We can also treat more areas (up to 6) in just one 15-minute session, with TruSculpt. Freezing treatments are usually limited to one area per session.
  • Cryo is also not suitable for all body types, but TruSculpt iD is.

Body Sculpting with TruSculpt: Who can do it?

Anyone can! Both of the TruSculpt body sculpting machines are fast, easy, and safe. This can include anyone who is already into a fitness plan and wants the extra boost for stubborn areas or to build muscle faster. We generally see clients who have been too busy with life, work, and family, to get to the gym, and want an easy and effective way to get their shape back. TruSculpt flex is also recommended to build muscle after injuries, without the risks of straining, pulling or causing further injuries. Book a free consultation with our team to discuss how TruSculpt can work for you, and how we can personalise your treatment plans.