Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers: Best natural fillers for tighter skin and natural contours

As we age, we lose volume in our face, which results in sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles.

Dermal fillers are a non-surgical, minimally invasive cosmetic treatment, used to add the lost volume and elasticity. This is a simple and effective treatment for those who want to reduce the signs of aging, but do not want to have a surgical procedure. The fillers are injected below the surface of the skin, and afterwards, the skin appears to be slightly “plumped up” and tightened, with reduced lines and wrinkles. Common sites for injections that can add a lift to the skin include above the eyebrows, along the cheekbones, and in the midface to replace age related volume loss to lift and project the face giving you a more energised and youthful appearance.

Frown lines, crows feet, smile lines, and forehead lines can be corrected by dermal fillers. Additionally, dermal fillers can be used to correct other minor imperfections such as pitted scars or indentations, or to adjust asymmetry of the nose or mouth. There are a number of reasons that our patients come to us at Fresh Faces Cosmetic Medicine, seeking dermal fillers and we are happy to discuss all options and treatments. Contact us for a free consultation, to find out if fillers are a suitable treatment for you.

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What are dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers, or dermal injections, are a popular treatment to subtly reshape and revolumise the face, treating age related volume loss or issues our clients have identified as requiring correction. They can smooth out imperfections in the skin. Deep wrinkles such as the smile lines, frown lines, and crow’s feet become more pronounced over time, causing us to look older. The fillers can be injected beneath the surface of the skin, giving a subtle plumpness and lift and reducing the appearance of these lines. Another popular treatment is dermal fillers under eyes to reduce dark circles, bags and hollow areas, to give a more youthful look. Other imperfections that can be treated by fillers include acne scars or pockmarks or deep pitted scars. Types of dermal fillers can also restore symmetry along the nose or mouth, corners of the eyes, or to create fuller lips or add definition to the cheekbones or jawline.

At Fresh Faces Cosmetic Medicine, we only use the highest quality injectables, more specifically, we use award-winning, ultra-premium brands from Swiss company Teoxanne. As we age, and skin begins to droop, losing firmness and tone. As injections are within the skin, the fillers replace the lost volume and shape, and also encourage the body’s natural production

of collagen. Skin is left with a plump, hydrated look. With dermal fillers, the results are noticed immediately.

It is important to mention that dermal filler injections are not wrinkle relaxers. With relaxers, the substance is a neurotoxin that stuns or paralyzes the muscles that cause wrinkles, such as those between the brows or around the corners of our eyes.

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Book a complimentary consultation with one of our Doctors or Registered Nurses.

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Your Fresh Faces dermal fillers treatment experience

Free consultation. You will begin your treatment with an obligation-free consultation to assess whether you are a suitable candidate for the treatment. We ensure that every patient has one-on-one time with our medical injectors to discuss the treatment, their desired results, any possible side effects, and the best aftercare recommendations. Photos may be shared with you of our existing clients who have had the treatment. You will learn all about the injectables that are used, and the benefits of dermal fillers. You will also be asked about your medical history and allergies, and check your skin for any abnormalities or issues that could affect your results. Dermal fillers are a simple, fast treatment that is minimally invasive, with immediate noticeable results. Once you are fully comfortable, the treatment can begin right away.

Your dermal fillers treatment.

Most patients can proceed with the treatment immediately after the consultation. A topical anesthetic or numbing cream may be applied to the areas where the injections will be placed, to reduce pain or discomfort. Dermal fillers are injected with a very fine needle or cannula, using extreme precision. The results can be seen right away. You will see that your skin is instantly visibly lifted and smoother. The Injectors can gradually add volume until you achieve your desired results. The entire procedure, including the consultation and applying anesthetic, will take less than an hour.

After your dermal fillers treatment, it could take up to a week to see the final results, as the fillers settle in your skin. Whilst any medical procedure carries risk the use of dermal fillers in the hands of our highly experienced staff ensures that your safety is our number one concern.

Natural dermal fillers, Fresh Faces Perth, the best dermal fillers for lifting, adding volume and smoothing skin

Expected Results

Whether you’re looking for a jaw, chin or cheek enhancement, more volume, or a fuller look, you can trust Fresh Faces Cosmetic Medicine, to make these come true, for the unique you.

The effect of dermal fillers is immediate with optional effect taking place within 2-3 weeks. Minimal side effects include swelling and minor bruising.

Expected Results

Whether you’re looking for a jaw, chin or cheek enhancement, more volume, or a fuller look, you can trust Fresh Faces Cosmetic Medicine, to make these come true, for the unique you.

The effect of dermal fillers is immediate with optional effect taking place within 2-3 weeks. Minimal side effects include swelling and minor bruising.

Natural dermal fillers, Fresh Faces Perth, the best dermal fillers for lifting, adding volume and smoothing skin

Recovery time and possible side-effects for dermal fillers

In most cases, you can return to your daily life and routine as soon as you leave the office. Every individual is different, and recovery time will depend on a few variables: where the fillers were injected, the amount of fillers used and your body’s own pace of healing. Side effects that can occur and that are completely normal are swelling, tenderness, bruising, redness or bleeding from the injection sites.

Recommendations for your recovery and for dermal fillers aftercare include the following:

  • Drink plenty of water, and avoid foods that are known to cause dehydration, such as salty, spicy or processed food, as well as alcohol.
  • Try to sleep facing up with your head elevated on 2 pillows
  • Be very gentle when applying makeup or washing your face, especially near the injection sites.
  • To avoid dehydration, don’t do activities that involve excessive sweating and no strenuous exercise for 24-48 hours

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers are small injections of bio-compatible injectable substances that create lift, add volume, and restore a more youthful appearance to certain areas of the face.

 Dermal fillers are usually used around the eyes, cheek mouth, lips and jawline.

What is in the filler?

The most common fillers are made of a soft gel consisting of hyaluronic acid.

 Hyaluronic acid is a sugar molecule that naturally occurs in the human body, and found in our skin. It helps hydrate and adds volume to the skin and is naturally broken down by our own bodies. 

 These micro-spheres stimulate your own collagen. Over time, the body degrades the calcium hydroxylapatite and gel, leaving behind your natural collagen.

What are the benefits of dermal fillers?

As we age, we lose volume in our jaw, chin & cheeks. Whilst we can’t stop this from happening, we can help you manage it, whilst enhancing your natural beauty with dermal fillers.

Dermal fillers are gel substances which when injected into or under your skin, can restore lost volume, soften lines & contour your face, leaving you feeling refreshed, revived & rejuvenated.

Do dermal fillers hurt?

As it can involve some discomfort, local anaesthetic is used, helping make your experience as comfortable as possible

Dermal fillers can also be used to:

Obtain luscious, fuller lips, repair tear troughs or even improve the appearance of noses in suitable individuals.

How long do dermal fillers last?

Results are noticed immediately after dermal filler injections. Depending on your treatment – if you are creating lift to smooth wrinkles or filling in scars, it could take 1-2 weeks for the fillers to settle and for you to see the full results. For most patients, dermal fillers last for six months to up to two years. Results can be affected by an individual’s age, skin tone and type, and lifestyle. After six months, you may consider returning to our office for small touch-ups to maintain your results. Eventually, the fillers are broken down naturally and metabolised by the body.

Is there any downtime?

No, you can go right back to your normal routine. However, I always advise my patients that they may have some bruising or swelling, so it’s best not to schedule a filler appointment right before an important event.

What are the risks and side effects?

In general, dermal fillers are considered very safe.

 The most common reactions are redness, swelling, bruising, itching, and tenderness.

 These are typically mild and resolve spontaneously in 1-7 days for most patients.

Will I look natural?

When dermal fillers are used in the appropriate amount and placed in the right location, the result is a beautiful, natural, youthful outcome.

 Dermal fillers are not meant to create totally different features. In the hands of an experienced medical professional with extensive knowledge of facial anatomy, the outcome simply enhances one’s own facial features. This is what you can expect from Fresh Faces Cosmetic Medicine.

Are dermal fillers safe?

Dermal fillers are a very popular treatment for wrinkle reduction or contouring of the face, because it is a  minimally invasive, simple procedure. Results are seen immediately and there are very few side effects. Our fillers are supplied by award-winning Swiss company Teoxanne, and in our highly experienced hands have an unparalleled safety record.  Normal side effects include swelling, redness or slight bleeding from the injection sites. These reactions will diminish in a few days. Other possible side effects that can occur include rashes, or acne-like bumps near the injection sites.  These are rare, and should disappear after a few days. 

Your skin should be free of abnormalities before having dermal fillers. If you have cold sores, open wounds or infections, the doctor may choose to wait to wait until they are healed to avoid agitation or spreading infections. Patients who have higher risks for the procedure are those with autoimmune diseases, blood disorders, or allergies to anesthesia.  Please discuss your medical history with the doctor so that he/she is aware of any potential risks that may arise. 

Should any of the side effects last for more than a few days, or if you are noticing other or more serious adverse reactions, please call us immediately.

How much do dermal fillers cost?

We tailor every treatment to individual needs and desired results. Depending on what you are seeking, the cost will vary. You can call us to discuss or ask your doctor/nurse during the consultation. We can review all costs, and if needed we can organize payment plans.

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