Love your lips – Luscious lip enhancements.

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The quest for luscious lips is keeping Fresh Faces Cosmetic Medicine (FFCM) clinic in Perth, Western Australia, busy.

The cosmetic clinic is at Alfred Cove, a fifteen minute drive from the city centre, where parking is free.

Dr Josephs MBBS, BSc, FACEM, heads up the clinic and with his nurses Lisa and Tiff ensures all procedures are carried out with the highest level of care, using the latest equipment.

Dr Josephs said the clinic is experiencing the high demand for lip enhancement because it is a reasonably priced procedure that gives an immediate cosmetic improvement. Also, lip enhancement is only mildly invasive, as it relies on the use of the finest of needles.

Lip thinning is an early sign of aging, starting around the age of 30. For men and women, a fuller lip is rejuvenating.

After consultation, taking into consideration the client’s features Dr Josephs uses quality injectable fillers selected to achieve the desired look.

“At FFCM, we promote the idea of a youthful, natural looking lip,” Dr Josephs said.

“In most cases, a lip can be filled in one or sessions.”

Eight Lip Enhancement Tips

If you are considering lip enhancement, here are some tips.

1: Opt for temporary fillers that can last from four months to year. A permanent filler will not adjust to the changes to the bone structure of your face as you age, causing the cosmetic effect to be lost.

2: Certain medications should not be taken before the procedure. These will include medicines that promote bruising. Ask for a list of these when you book your appointment.

3: There are some medical conditions that may prevent you from undergoing a lip enhancement procedure. As trivial as it seems, even a tendency to develop cold sores needs to be considered, as you will need to take your preventative medication for several days before lip enhancement. At FFCM these types of issues will be discussed during your no-obligation initial consultation.

4: To numb your lips, a local anaesthetic cream will be applied to your lips, or a local anaesthetic block will be delivered.(very much like what you get at the dentist)… Other than the sensation this may cause, your lips will not hurt.

5: You can expect the procedure to take less than an hour: 30 to 45 minutes is usual.

6: Post operatively, your lips will be numb for about two hours. When your lips are no longer numb, and normal feeling has returned, it will be possible for you to eat.

7: A gentle application of ice immediately may help to reduce the swelling, however you can expect this to completely subside in threeto seven days.

8: Now you can enjoy your more sensuous more youthful looking lips.

You can confidently rely on Dr Josephs and his highly skilled team to help you maintain and enhance the aesthetics of your appearance.

Using cutting edge cosmetic technologies and their wide range of injectables, they tailor make their services according to your needs.

This is a clinic that focuses on giving you a natural, refreshed, rejuvenated look.

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