Chin & Jaw Filler Augmentation

Are you considering chin augmentation or perhaps that jawline isn’t quite as smooth as it used to be?? When it comes to non-surgical chin augmentation, we believe that finding the right practitioners with the right expertise is essential. At Fresh Faces Cosmetic Medicine, our team in Perth provide chin augmentation  fillers under the guidance of our medical director ensuring an attention to detail as well as ensuring the highest standards of safety..


Chin dermal fillers and their benefits

Usually, changing the shape of your jaw is a lengthy procedure requiring surgery that can be painful and also expensive.

For suitable clients, an injectable jaw augmentation may provide highly satisfying results but without the need for surgery.  Whilst changing the appearance of the jaw and chin, the fundamental bony structure is left intact minimizing post procedure discomfort and without some of the risks of surgery.

It should be noted though that unlike surgery the results are not as long lasting which means the procedure has to repeated and refined.

For many clients this is highly desirable as changes can be made slowly and with budgetary constraints.


Expert Advice on Filler Injections in Perth

Whether you feel as though your jaw is too small or you’re unconfident due to a defect you’ve had since birth, the medical team at Fresh Faces Cosmetic Medicine wants to help. Using our strong knowledge of jaw anatomy and our “Client First “ approach to aesthetic medicine, our chin fillers will leave you feeling confident.

Following your procedure, you may experience some mild bruising and discomfort. However, such discomfort usually settles a few days.