Injectable Biostimulators

At Fresh Faces Cosmetic Medicine, we believe in using the latest techniques to help you achieve the look you want. With our injectable biostimulators, you can gently encourage the chemistry beneath your skin to produce more collagen. Why produce more collagen? Because it’s the protein that gives your skin structure, it can smooth out wrinkles, and it can return your youthful glow. With injectable collagen stimulation under the guidance of our medical and nursing team, you’ll refresh the way you look.


What is an injectable biostimulator?

While there was once a time when doctors used fat injections to make areas of their clients’ faces look younger, today, they have an alternative. An injectable biostimulator is a substance that we know triggers organized type 1 collagen production turning back the clock to create a more youthful and energized you. 

As a new approach to anti-ageing, injectable collagen stimulation is best performed under the guidance of a medical or healthcare professional. After performing an assessment of your face and medical history, we’ll help you decide whether an injectable biostimulator is right for you. As an alternative, the Fresh Faces Cosmetics team offers many other age defying therapies, so injectable collagen stimulation isn’t your only option.

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