Cheek & Lip Fillers

As already mentioned, the tissues of our face starts to lose volume and shape.  Previously plump and youthful lips can start to look less like the lips we remember.  If you feel as though your lips lack the volume you want, the team at Fresh Faces Cosmetics is here to help. With our lip fillers, you can achieve the perfect pout in an instant. Alongside providing lip injections in Perth, our dedicated team can provide fillers in cheeks too. The cheeks are often the first part of the face to show age.  Using our expert knowledge of facial anatomy we can recreate the wonderful cheekbones of yesteryear or full youthful looking cheeks in an instant, or maybe your concern is the beginnings of jowels? Whatever your concern, the team here at Fresh Faces Cosmetic Medicine are here to listen to your concerns and suggest possible solutions.

Using our therapies, you can bring an extra shot of beauty to your already gorgeous appearance.


Why come to us for lip enhancements cheek fillers in Perth?

Your journey starts with a detailed consultation in which we explore your past medical history as well as establishing your desired outcomes or concerns.

During your initial appointment, our staff will establish which product is best for you as well as establishing the goals of any treatment and any risk associated with it.

Here at Fresh Faces Cosmetics, we want to work with you to enhance your natural beauty. As such, we’ll find lip fillers that boost the way you look rather than working against it.


Expert Advice on Filler Injections

After a thorough medical consultation, you’ll understand whether fillers in your cheeks or lips are right for you. From there, we’ll begin discussing the type of look you want to achieve. When the time for you to plump your lips or cheeks comes, you’ll benefit from a structured plan that enhances the contours of your face.

If you would like to know more about our lip enhancements in Perth or our cheek fillers, call us on 0421 533 611 or 08 6277 0165.