Skin Boosters

So a lot of our clients have been asking me “what are these skin boosters?” And “Are they for me?”

My simple answer is to ask yourself the the question “Do I want beautiful flawless skin?”

If it is Yes then yes this is the procedure for you.

In my opinion this procedure is the new gold standard in skin rejuvenation. It consists of micro injections of non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid (Ha) into the dermis.

As we age we naturally lose our own HA from our skin as well as the well known collagen and other elements.

Skin boosters directly and immediately replace this lost hyaluronic acid causing immediate hydration and plumping of the skin.

This treatment helps compensate for this age related loss and also stimulates new collagen production.

So it powerfully stimulates both skin hydration and rejuvenation.

“Why non-crosslinked HA?”

Well when we use fillers normally the factory creates cross-links between the molecules to make varying degrees of stiffness so we can use the gel to create structural change. With skin boosters this process is voided enabling the gel to spread easily throughout the skin. This gives the skin a naturally hydrated and glowing appearance.

At Fresh Faces we use a specially designed Vital Injector “Gun” which uses microneedles to deliver the product to a specified depth in the skin.


Doesn’t this hurt?

Well, only little pinch if at all. We use our prescription strength local anaesthetic to numb the face beforehand.


Where do you use them?

Common sites are face/neck and décolletage as well as the back of the hands.


Skin boosters suitable for all skin types

“When should I have it?”……got an important event coming up?…2 weeks before should give you plenty of time if there is any unexpected bruising.

This treatment can be done stand alone however optimal results are achieved with a 3 treatment course, each treatment being 4 weeks apart.

Looking forward to seeing you!!