Under Eye & Tear Trough Fillers

The tear trough or the under eye area is a problem for many of our clients.

The premature aging of this area is often a genetic predisposition  which can make people self-conscious.

The area of the face is highly complex with a number of different nerves and blood vessels entering and leaving the area.

As we lose our fat from under the skin in that area, the skin can become darker making us look tired or sad.. Fortunately, we at Fresh Faces Cosmetic Medicine have a solution.  Using the only TGA approved filler for use in this our medical team are able to safely deploy filler in this precious area optimizing your chances of a safe and effective outcome.



What are tear trough fillers?

As a simple procedure, tear trough fillers can refresh tired eyes. Alongside the ageing process, leading a hectic lifestyle, UV exposure, insufficient sleep, and exposure to pollution can cause under eye circles. Using our
TGA approved fillers, we combine hyaluronic acid with local anaesthetic and light reflective additives to repair and rejuvenate the area.

As an aesthetic procedure, eye bags treatment using fillers requires the knowledge of medical practitioners with an interest in the area.. At Fresh Faces Cosmetics, our under eye fillers begin with a consultation that assesses your tear trough and your medical history. During your consultation, you can also discuss the other treatments we provide, giving you the chance to slow down the signs of ageing quickly.

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