Face & Leg Vein Treatment

Australian Summer is a time where many of us feel self-conscious about our bodies because they are on display more than usual. An area that commonly causes insecurity is veins appearing particularly on our face and legs, especially in the warmer summer months when we are out in the sun and wearing shorts, skirts and swimsuits.

Veins can not only be unsightly and embarrassing, but they can be painful as well and if left without treatment, can continue to worsen over time.

If you are suffering from  spider veins, come and discuss the various treatments treatments that can help diminish the appearance of the bulging blood vessels so you can feel more confident.

IPL and laser technologies can be used separately, and in some cases, together to treat surface veins as well as larger, deeper veins. Light and laser energy are used to selectively target the colour of the vein triggering an immune response that effectively gobbles up the treated vessel.

Unsightly veins of all types can be treated – simply, non-invasively and successfully.