One of the most powerful tools to treat a number of skin conditions and concerns, laser treatments offer a wide range of benefits to enhance your comfort and confidence. At Fresh Faces Cosmetic Medicine, we specialise in administering a variety of treatments designed to smooth and revitalise skin, remove tattoos, enhance skin tone and even treat excessive snoring. Utilising high quality laser technology, our treatments are completed with strict safety standards in place to protect your comfort and wellbeing.

Treatment Types

Versatile and effective, our laser treatments address a wide range of aesthetic and medical concerns.

Semi-Ablative and Ablative Laser Skin Rejuvenation

From treating acne scarring and ageing skin to enhancing vitality and colour, semi-ablative and ablative laser skin rejuvenation are innovative laser skin treatments with minimal downtime. Involving two beams of laser delivered almost simultaneously, your skin reaps the rewards of enhanced exfoliation and collagen production.

Carbon Laser Peel

Carbon laser peels help to reduce pores, treat pigmentation including melasma and treat skin conditions including rosacea and pigmentation. A peel begins with the application of volcanic mud rich in carbon. Once the mud is dry, a laser is applied to turn light energy into heat. The carbon vaporises and takes dead surface skin with it. Treatments also stimulate the skin to enhance collagen production for a more youthful appearance. The equivalent of having four standard peels in one, carbon laser peels allow you to get more for your skin out of every session.

Tattoo Removal

With laser treatments tailored to remove tattoo ink from skin, Fresh Faces Cosmetic Medicine, help you eliminate tattoos and allow your skin to heal. Carried out over multiple sessions, your consultant will help you decide on the best tattoo removal solutions to achieve your desired aesthetic.

Anti-Snoring Treatment

Did you know that you can treat snoring with laser? At Fresh Faces Cosmetic Medicine, we utilise innovative laser technology to minimise snoring and prevent sleep disruption. Anti-snoring laser treatments involve the use of a fractionated laser with proprietary ‘in lift’ technology that effectively treats the back of the mouth. Laser light works by tightening and toning the palate to minimise snoring and provide you and your partner with a better night’s sleep.

What to Expect

As lasers can be used for a wide range of treatments, expectations and results vary depending on your concerns. In general, laser treatments involve minimal downtime and allow you to resume standard activities immediately. We utilise only high-quality laser technology to uphold your safety and to provide the most effective and powerful results.

For laser skin treatments, you can expect a smooth, revitalised and glowing complexion. After multiple tattoo removal sessions, tattoo ink will have significantly faded. After anti-snoring treatments, you should experience a more restful sleep with minimised snoring.

Learn More About Laser

Interested in laser treatments for skin, tattoo removal or snoring? Chat with the experienced and accredited professionals at Fresh Faces Cosmetic Medicine for personalised advice on our selection of laser treatments.

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