Laser Treatment Skin Clinic

Suffering from acne, rosacea, scarring? Want to say goodbye for good to a pesky tattoo? Or fancy a good night’s sleep – without the snoring?

We provide a great range of very affordable rejuvenative laser treatments, PRP, and also needling which are all treatments that stimulate scar rejuvenation, new skin formation as well as helping new collagen to form. The types of treatment required will vary from person to person depending on the condition presented. The great thing about most of these treatments is that they have “minimal downtime” meaning post treatment, they won’t interfere with your day to day activities and most of our customers see results almost immediately!

Some of our treatments include:

  • Semi-Ablative laser skin rejuvenation with no “down time”
  • ablative laser skin rejuvenation with minimal “down time”
  • Our super popular Carbon Laser Peel (link to carbon laser)
  • Tattoo removal (link to tattoo page)
  • Our revolutionary anti-snoring treatment

Contact us to discuss our various laser treatments on  0421 533 611 or 08 6277 0165