Anti Snoring Laser Treatment

Obstructive sleep apnoea and snoring are significant health risks which can increase your risk of stroke and heart disease which, as well as leaving you excessively tired during the day.When your snoring becomes a problem, sometimes it’s difficult to find a resolution you feel comfortable with. At Fresh Faces Cosmetic Medicine, Dr Josephs uses a revolutionary technique to help minimize snoring in suitable individuals. Not only is the procedure completely painless it can be done in a short amount of time helping you slot it in to your busy day.


Why consider laser for snoring?

Snoring can have a big impact on your health, but also your relationships. Similarly, you may find that you wake yourself up at night, or you may awake after a nights sleep feeling like you haven’t slept, leading to a tiring day after your alarm clock goes off. Laser treatment for snoring takes a non-invasive approach to tackling your nighttime dilemmas (or someone elses). With laser for snoring, can reduce the noises made at night.

This treatment uses a fractionated laser with proprietary “in lift” technology to treat the roof and back of the mouth with laser light, tightening and toning the palate to minimise snoring.

Unlike some surgical procedures, laser treatment for snoring is a walk-in-walk-out option, making your life more convenient.


Specialists on Laser Treatments in Perth

Naturally, not everyone is a suitable candidate for laser treatments. In some cases, you may need a different form of medical intervention. However, if you would like to know more about our laser treatments, you can reach out to us on 0421 533 611 or 08 6277 0165.