Melasma Laser Treatment

Fresh faces cosmetic Medicine is here to make your melasma just a distant Memory.

Melasma  is a common condition affecting women during their reproductive years.

It can appear without warning and can affect one”s self confidence.

Melasma is caused by a combination of UV light and women’s hormones namely oestrogen. It appears idiosyncratically, ie its not predictable.

Previously flawless skin can all of a sudden develop discoloured patches in sun prone areas.


Laser Treatments by Skin Specialists in Perth

Typically our clients at Fresh Faces Cosmetics are unhappy with this discolouration.

No matter where your discolouration occurs, our friendly team can treat your discoloured  skin using our laser Melasma treatment.

Following a thorough consultation, we’ll determine whether Melasma treatment is right for you.

Our aim is to safely restore your skin and your confidence back to its youthful natural best.

Using a specific type of laser therapy, we work with your body’s natural processes to target the cells that cause Melasma and alter the way they function. In doing so, we’ll prompt your immune system to mop up the pigment treated with laser.

To learn more about our Melasma treatments in Perth, call our skin specialists at 0421 533 611 or 08 6277 0165.