Platelet Rich Plasma Hair Loss Treatment

As one of the most innovative therapies in the hair regrowth industry, PRP for hair loss is taking the cosmetic industry by storm. At Fresh Faces Cosmetics, our medical and nursing team understand that male pattern baldness is a common condition. Depending on the stage of your condition, you might want to consider platelet-rich plasma for hair loss. Working with men and women throughout Perth, our aesthetic specialists can work with your body’s natural factors to reduce hair loss and restore your confidence.

What is PRP hair treatment?

PRP hair therapies involve withdrawing the platelets from your blood, before injecting them into areas of your scalp where hair loss is occurring. After injecting the platelets, your body begins producing growth factors that focus on your hair’s follicles. As they work their magic, these growth factors will encourage the cells there to move into the growth phase of the hair production cycle. Additionally, PRP for hair loss can soothe cells that are failing to grow due to other conditions.

Is platelet-rich plasma for hair loss suitable for everyone?

The reasons for hair loss are sometimes multifactorial. Before using PRP hair treatment, we’ll perform a thorough consultation that determines why you’re suffering from hair loss. From there, we’ll determine whether it’s the right therapy for you. If it is, you will see results over several sessions, with minimal recovery time.

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