Chemical Facial Peels

Using different types of peel that are safe for your skin, a medi peel in Perth can resolve lots of different skin concerns. From acne scars that knock your confidence to the earlier signs of ageing, opting for a chemical peel in Perth could revitalise your look entirely. At Fresh Faces Cosmetics, we use different facial peels and concentrations for each of our clients. Following a consultation with one of our medical, nursing, or aesthetic specialists, we’ll decide on a chemical peel in Perth that’ll bring the glow back to your face.


Why come to us for a medi peel in Perth?

We’ll always start with a thorough consultation focusing on your concerns and suggest a programme that right for you, whether  it’s a peel or a combination of different therapies, we’ll suggest a solution that’s right for you


How do chemical skin peels work?

Like exfoliation, a chemical peel in Perth will encourage the dead upper layer of your skin to slough away. Unlike exfoliation, it does so at a rapid rate, encouraging key proteins such as collagen to flood to the surface. After the peel works its magic, you may experience some tingling and sensitivity, but with the right aftercare advice, you’ll enjoy an evener tone and a brighter image.