PRP Injections (Vampire Facials)

As an anti-ageing treatment that’s taken Hollywood by storm, platelet-rich plasma injections work with your body’s natural healing and repair mechanisms to deliver astounding results. At Fresh Faces Cosmetics, we provide PRP treatments under the guidance of medical and nursing practitioners. Also known as a vampire facial, a PRP facial takes the platelets from your blood and reintroduces them to your face to reduce the signs of ageing. Before you proceed with a vampire facial in Perth, it’s handy to know more about what it involves.


What is a vampire facial?

Despite the scary name, a vampire facial is a tried and tested part of aesthetic medicine that could restore some of your youthful glow. Vampire facials became popular following the success of using platelet-rich plasma injections to treat muscle injuries. Today, you can use a vampire facial to address signs of ageing, scarring, sun damage, and dark bags beneath your eyes.


Why undergo skin and dermal treatments in Perth?

Before you have a PRP facial, our medical and nursing team will perform a consultation to ensure it’s right for you. If it is, some blood will be taken from you and processed to separate out the platelets from your blood, before injecting them into the areas where you have cosmetic concerns.

We’ll usually recommend three or 4 treatments ensuring you get the best from this powerful rejuvenative technique.

If you want to arrange a PRP injection in Perth, contact our friendly team on 0421 533 611 or 08 6277 0165.