Tear Trough fillers: Best under eye fillers for younger eyes

As the area under the eyes ages, the sub-skin fat is reabsorbed, usually at a speed that is determined by your genetics. As well as this age-related fat loss, the skin itself in the tear trough starts to age and may start to darken as well giving the appearance of someone who is tired. The troughs have a hollow look and are often noticed by the appearance of dark circles and puffy bags or pockets under the eyes. They can make us look tired or older, though often the tear troughs are hereditary and can develop as early as our teenage years.
Tear trough fillers are useful by filling in the hollow area, tightening the skin and eliminating the wrinkles and dark circles. The fillers for tear troughs we use are specifically designed for the area and have a light reflective substance as well as a cocktail of proteins and amino acids which help promote repair and rejuvenation. The eyes have a younger, fresher look. It is a minimally invasive procedure that instantly gives a lift to the eye area.
At Fresh Faces Cosmetic Medicine we work with our patients to give personalised treatments, for the natural look, and subtle improvements they want. Contact us today to book your appointment for your free consultation, to eliminate your tear troughs and restore your youthful, beautiful eyes.

Tear Trough fillers before and after. Erase dark circles and bags from under eyes. Fresh Faces Cosmetic Medicine Perth

What are tear trough fillers?

Tear trough fillers are a minimally invasive treatment that lifts and smooths out the skin below the eyes. The under eye filler is injected into the trough area, under the skin, to restore the volume and smooth out the area. The skin under the eye is immediately revolumed and lifted, wrinkles are smoothed, and dark circles are diminished. Results are immediate, with visibly younger looking eyes. The final result is not often not seen to a few weeks after the treatment once the rejuvenative side of the treatment has done it’s work.

Tear trough fillers are just one of the dermal fillers we do at Fresh Faces Cosmetic Medicine. Dermal fillers are very popular not just for under eyes, but cheeks, nose, lips and jawlines. We use fillers with naturally occuring proteins, which form a gel-like substance that is produced and found naturally in our skin. This substance retains water, and when injected, it gives the skin a plump moisturised appearance. The fillers work to not just add volume and shape, but also encourages the production of collagen in the skin. The results are instantly visible, and there is little downtime. The fillers we use in our office are only ultra-premium brands from Europe and Switzerland, the highest quality for safety and effectiveness.

Your Fresh Faces Cosmetic Medicine tear trough fillers treatment experience

Free consultation. We give free consultations to every patient at Fresh Faces Cosmetic Medicine, so everyone has one-on-one time with a member of our team – a doctor or highly-trained clinician. During this time, you can be open and honest about your desired results and all of your questions and concerns about the procedure. The doctor will discuss all of the details about tear trough fillers, possible side effects, and the best care for after your treatment. You will also see results from previous patients and under eye filler before and after photos. Before the treatment can begin, the doctor will also need to check your skin and eyes for infections, abnormalities or anything that could increase risks or have adverse effects on your results. If all is clear, and once you are comfortable, the treatment can begin immediately after the consultation.

Your tear trough fillers treatment.

Your tear trough fillers treatment can begin after your consultation. The doctor will apply a numbing agent or topical anesthetic to the area below your eyes, to minimize pain. This will take approximately 30 minutes to set in. Under eye filler for wrinkles are done with a very fine needle or cannula with extreme precision, to inject the fillers under the skin. The fillers are added gradually, and results are noticed immediately. The skin around the eyes is lifted, dark circles are diminished and wrinkles are smoothed. Including the consultation, the entire treatment generally takes less than an hour. You can return to your daily routine or work day immediately after your appointment.

Before and after photo, under eye fillers Perth. Natural fillers for younger eyes. Fresh Faces Cosmetic Medicine Perth

Recovery time and possible side-effects for tear trough fillers.

There is very little down time when receiving dermal or tear trough fillers. The injections are non-invasive and no surgery is required. Recovery time is minimal, but it depends on your body’s own pace of healing. Common side effects tear trough filler side effects that can occur, and are completely normal are swelling, redness, tenderness, bruising and slight bleeding from the injection sites. These side effects should disappear on their own after a few days. Pain is not normally a significant concern.

To minimize under eye filler side effects and not damage your skin or results, here are some recommendations.

Staying hydrated is the best advice for faster healing, so be sure to drink plenty of water and avoid salty, spicy or processed foods
Don’t drink alcohol.
Be careful when washing your face and use a mild soap and water. Don’t apply makeup or foundation around the eyes for a few days, to avoid adding pressure or the risk of infection.
Don’t do strenuous exercise or activities for two days after your treatment.
Avoid sun tanning or excessive heat for at least two weeks.

How long do under eye fillers last?

With all dermal fillers, you will notice your results immediately. The injections fill the skin below the eyes, adding a visible lift and firmness. The fillers add volume and smooth out wrinkles, and the dark hollow circles will be diminished. It will take approximately 1-2 weeks for the fillers to settle and you will see the full results. You can expect your results to last at least 6 – 12 months, but that can vary depending on your age, skin tone and lifestyle. You may want to return to our office for touch-ups to maintain your results. Over time, the fillers will be broken down naturally and absorbed safely into the skin.

Are tear trough fillers safe?

Tear trough fillers are a simple, non-invasive treatment that restores volume to areas immediately under the eyes. Side effects are minimal, though you should always be aware of risks before every cosmetic procedure. The most common side effects are swelling, redness, bruising and tenderness around injection sites. These reactions are normal and will fade within a few days. Other possible reactions that may occur include infections, or rashes, or acne-like bumps near the injection sites

For patients who are in generally good health, risks are very minimal. Those who have higher risks are patients who have blood disorders, autoimmune diseases or allergies to anesthesia, so please alert the doctor/nurse if you have any of these. During your initial consultation, the doctor/nurse will examine your skin and eyes for abnormalities or anything that could affect your results. You cannot have any open wounds or infections in or around your eyes. If you are noticing any serious side effects or reactions following your treatment, please call us immediately.

How much do tear trough fillers cost?

We personalise every treatment for our clients needs. During your initial consultation, the doctor or nurse will review the costs and payment options with you. Prices can vary, depending on how much filler is recommended and used and the amount of fillers used for the injections. We do offer payment plans, so please give us a call with questions or to discuss options.