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No one can speak more about TruSculpt’s amazing results than our own Dr J, because he did it himself!  Below, he speaks more about his course of treatments, and why he recommends it to not just his patients but for anyone who may be considering body contouring. 



What was your course of treatments? 

I did a combination of 1 truSculpt iD treatment, which is the fat burning treatment. Then I followed with 6 truSculpt flex treatments, which is the intense muscle toning.  I started with the iD, then over the next 3 weeks, I did 2 sessions of truSculpt flex each week. It’s a course of treatments that we recommend to our clients who really want to get the maximum results in a short amount of time. It combines both the fat burning, and then the toning of the muscles. It took about 7 weeks for me to see the results you see in the picture. We normally suggest maximum results at about 12 weeks. 


Why did you do it?  

Normally I train at the gym very hard, but lately as I’ve been getting older I grew a pot belly and I really couldn’t do anything about it. It was stubborn fat, and as we get older it’s just harder and harder to lose. I also wanted to prove to myself and others that the devices do what they say they do.


Did it hurt?

The iD doesn’t hurt, no.  But flex on the other hand, it’s intense and uncomfortable, but I had the intensity turned all the way up to 60%. What you should know is that the treatments are a 1-on-1, 45-minute personalized coaching session, and we dial up the intensity for the patient’s preference and tolerance for intense muscle stimulation. But the intensity of these sessions shouldn’t scare anyone away, We adjust and deliver the treatment in a personalised session according to each individual’s tolerances. It was worth every ounce of uncomfortableness. The muscles are getting a very, very intense series of workouts.


What would you say to anyone who was thinking about it?   

It works, do it. The results are off the charts. Believe me when I say it is worth every penny. You will be very pleased with the results.


Will you continue with the treatments?

Not at the moment, I don’t need to. I am very happy with my results, and I am going to use them as a springboard for getting back into the gym.